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GNATA machines are designed to hot mark with colored tape on pipes and cables in the extrusion line onto materials such as rigid PVC, soft PVC, PE, PEX, PP, PPR, PA, PU and ABS.

Any chosen print can be produced using steel or bronze stamps which are assembled on the heated marking wheel. A resistance heater, which is electronically controlled, heats the stamps.

Hot printers for plastic materials

Our Company still gives special attention to the marking of pipe, which has been our core business over the last 56 years.

We have sold over 10.000 printers in this market, and constantly comply with new requests from customers around the world.

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Sequential printers for cables

The hot marking system with colored tape is the best way to permanently identify cables with polyethylene jacketing.

Our system is unbeatable and is recommended by leading cable manufacturing companies worldwide for marking on fiber, electrical and technical cables for special applications.

The specially designed printers for this application incorporate advanced technical features based on our long experience.

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Laser printers

Gnata developed the in-line laser printer for polyethylene pipes.

To better identify the marking, we developed an innovative principle, unique to the world, that consists of the thermal transfer of colored tape with a continuous stripe.

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Special applications

Thanks to all of our experience in the field of hot marking, we are able to develop special machines according to your production needs.

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